GRID Server, shortly

GRID Server is a Stand alone, single binary, lightweight generalist Server.

GRID Server is a MOM

It is design to work on short/limited hardware. As a result, it work *nicely* on multi-featured/threaded/capability computer : It’s aimed is to be install everywhere : it will work on your computer, as it will fit nicely on a raspberry, or on a multicore HPC

Basicaly, it is a PUB/SUB messaging distribution server.

Building on the top of that, it give you the opportunity to develop, call, manage SOA oriented application.It is “The Man In The Middle” between you and your backend Service

It provide security, message cyphering, and API for developper : In fact, It target mainly developper, as soon as GRID is specialized in cross-langage/technology communication.

GRID Server’s features :

  • PUB/SUB Server
  • MQTT Server
  • OpenSource, dedicated, KissB protocol
  • Python powered
  • Current Platform : ARM/Intel
  • Current OS : *Nix, Win, OSx, mobile
  • Client : C#, CPP, Python, Pascal and incoming

GRID Server is actually the 4th occurence of its family. It is actively develops by GRID System S.A.S and is released freely.

GRID System will make profit by providing back end targeted handcraft services behind GRID Server : So, GRID Server is proposed free of charged, and will always be.

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